Property investment options.

Each property investor is unique; this is why Numark offers a range of property investment opportunities:

  • Estates and Master Planned Communities: build a new home in an up-and-coming prime development.
  • Knock down rebuild projects: demolish an existing structure and build a new home in its place. Great for premier suburbs where land is at a scarcity.
  • House and land packages: fixed-price packages make financial strategy easy.

Investment property checklist.

Finally, it pays to think about what you hope to achieve with your investment property, some important things to take into consideration include:

  • What kind of tenants would be ideal? Young couples with kids? Or empty-nesters with steady retirement income?
  • Be careful of overcapitalizing on your property – it may make recouping investment costs unachievable. But if you’re thinking about living in the house yourself later on, then overcapitalizing is probably less important.
  • Size of the property is important. Too large and rental income may be insufficient to cover cost of the property. Too small and you may not get the kind of tenants you want.
  • Do you need regular income from your investment property? Or additional income to superannuation? Is rental demand high in the area you’re looking to build?

Information is power – seek sound, qualified property guidance before making a decision to invest in property.

When it comes to property investment the more you know, the more successful your outcome will be. Take the time to consult with experts, such as those from Investmark and Lendmark Home Finance.

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